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Monday, July 8, 2013

Gemini Love Horoscopes 2014

Focusing firmly on the love relationship will become the call of the time for the Geminis in the beginning of New Year 2014. In other words, even a little ignorance towards the life partner might bring havoc in the love life of these people, so stay alert. Partner will play a crucial role in uplifting the professional growth of these Geminis in the year ahead.

Some important decisions will be taken by Geminis that will change the love life of these people forever in the coming year. Pleasant meetings that might turn into long life relationships are expected to come in the way of Geminis in April and May. Chances of a romantic vacation with the loved one are high on cards in the middle of the year.

Avoid involving yourself in disputes with the spouse in matters related to household; else you might end up putting an end to your love life. Try to shower love in form of presents and not just words this year to get more passion and romance in life. Don’t block your calendar with officials outings, also make some space for your special someone to get the much desired love in your life.

Geminis are most likely to get attracted towards Virgos, Leos and Pisceans in the year 2014. However, there are chances of a not so good love compatibility with Arians, Librans and Aquarians for the Gemini people in the following year. Geminis waiting to get married might have to wait a bit more in the coming year.